Company Profile

Our fully accredited resources, including those of our principals, who are the market leaders in the provision of ship systems, allow us to offer a “one stop shop” for the maritime industry in the Middle East. Primarily focused on the oil and gas segment, Emphor Marine provides high precision positioning services, sub-sea equipment, power generation and distribution solutions, fire and safety solutions and unique satellite communication packages. Whether it is gleaming yachts, small commercial craft or one of the mammoths of the seas, we have a full range of cutting – edge technology products and services, thereby giving us the ability to supply cost- effective solutions.

Emphor Marine offers the following services:

1. Information and communications technology solutions including airtimes
2. Electrical distribution systems
3. Machinery control and automation solutions
4. Fire detection and fighting systems
5. Echo sounders and sonar systems
6. CCTV / night vision cameras
7. Marine satellite television
8. Cargo custody, control and monitoring solutions
9. Loading computers
10. Dynamic positioning systems
11. Underwater laser scanning
12. Cartography for chart plotters
13. Shipboard safety and surveillance equipment
14. Fully integrated bridge / navigation solutions
15. Yachting and offshore solutions
16. Coastal, deep sea fishery and research solutions
17. Naval and coast guard application

Quality Certification
Quality Assurance Support

As an ISO 9001-2001 certified company, each and every product and service from Emphor enjoys the Quality Assurance Support of its principals enjoys and After Sales Service Support of its 365 days / 24 hours Global Network Centers.