Autopilot Control Units

The AP80 is one of the smartest type approved autopilot solutions available on the market today. It will adapt to your individual load
characteristics, and wind and wave conditions, to help lower operating costs and reduce risk. The USB port in the front makes loading and storing these settings so simple.Like the AP70, the slightly larger AP80 is totally modular in nature, so installation and operation are effortless. Both the AP70 and AP80 Control units share common autopilot computers and accessories making them the most flexible autopilot systems available. With 6 individual scenario profiles, networking with NMEA2000 cabling, a special work mode, and triple support of independent rudders and multiple thrusters, the Simrad AP80 is a one stop shop for vessels from 20 feet to super tankers.





  • 5 inch colour bonded display
  • Adaptive, self-learning software
  • Total of 6 user modes available
  • Unique WORK mode: customize the parameters to suit individual vessel needs
  • Supports up to 6 independent drives (rudders + thrusters)
  • Includes USB port for saving or resorting master or fleet settings