CommBox Ship/Shore Network Manager

Full Onboard IT & Communications Solution

Commercial fleets require secure, integrated tools to support business efficiency, crew morale, regulatory compliance, and safety needs even if there are limited IT skills on the vessel. KVH’s CommBox Ship/Shore Network Manager is the most complete network management tool available for mariners, offering superior flexibility and reliability to competing hardware- and software-only solutions. That’s why more than 1,000 vessels worldwide rely on the KVH CommBox Ship/Shore Network Manager to get more out of their onboard communications. CommBox offers:

  • Web caching and web image compression to reduce bandwidth requirements
  • Enterprise extension: remote PC management for customer IT departments
  • Integrated e-mail server, firewalls, and security
  • Least cost routing and bandwidth management for multiple communications carriers
  • Unique networks for operations, charters and/or crew
  • Complete Internet cafe and VoIP solution
  • Content filtering

Flexible Network Management Solutions for Every Vessel’s Needs
At the core of the CommBox solution is its outstanding level of flexibility. You choose the equipment and features that best suit each vessel. The fully-configurable CommBox is compatible with any maritime communications service (including Inmarsat, mini-VSAT Broadband, VSAT, GSM, Wi-Fi, etc.) – and comes as built-in hardware with KVH’s TracPhone V3-IP, V7-IP, V11 and V11-IP. CommBox offers unmatched optimization and cost savings whether you operate one vessel or a fleet of 500.






  • Least cost routing between multiple communications services, with easy-to-configure rules and filters for efficient business at sea and to maximize savings
  • Roaming crew accounts that allow crew members to prepay and access their Internet and e-mail accounts from any vessel in the fleet with a single login
  • Data compression, web caching, and web acceleration to reduce costs and optimize the performance of every communications system on every vessel
  • Easy file transfers from ship to shore and shore to ship, including file compression and synchronization among files and folders
  • Real-time reporting on communications usage and status for each vessel and the fleet as a whole
  • IP routing for remote operations and diagnostics of the vessel network right from fleet headquarters
  • Configurable firewalls and encryption for data and network security

Featured Options

  • Fully Integrated Onboard Networking with CommBox & mini-VSAT Broadband
    Combining your CommBox Ship/Shore Network Manager with a KVH TracPhone V-series antenna system delivers the most complete IT&C solution for your commercial fleet, ensuring optimal performance and efficient operations. CommBox is built into the new TracPhone V3-IP,  TracPhone V7-IP and V11-IP systems, and the hardware can be added to existing TracPhone V3 and V7 systems, as well as to any other SATCOM systems.
  • GlobalCare Premium Support
    While KVH offers the best standard warranty in the industry, we know some vessels and businesses have critical connectivity needs and, as a result, may want an added level of service and support. Your CommBox can be covered by the GlobalCare Premium Support Program when you combine it with a powerful TracPhone V7 or ultra-compact TracPhone V3. Starting with 24/7/365 dedicated hotline numbers to the GlobalCare Center, and using a tiered service support system worldwide, GlobalCare guarantees your business a new level of support and responsiveness should you experience a technical issue.

Stand-alone Hardware Options

TracPhone V11-IP, V7-IP and V3-IP with ICMFor TracPhone V3/V3IP, V7/V7IPV11/V11IP, andother SATCOM systems, the use of dedicated CommBox hardware permits fleet IT managers to create multiple shipboard LANs to segregate communications traffic for operations, crew, clients and charter customers, and more. Plus, with its dedicated hardware, CommBox is more stable, protected from viruses, and less prone to problems than software-only solutions installed on shipboard PCs. To make the CommBox installation as convenient as possible, there are two versatile shipboard hardware options available: