Information & Communications Technology Solutions including Airtimes

EPAK® R4 is the TVRO antenna made for the ones who enjoy cruising in inland waterways and need on their boat a light-weighted, yet strong and relia- ble, antenna for television reception.




Made with the best materials and built fulfilling the German industry standards – that guarantee highest quality level – the R4 is a very cost efficient system with a perfect price-performance ratio.

Beside, the EPAK® R4 gives you also the possibility of using a Twin LNB, that pro- vides two different outputs in order to feed two separate receivers for independent working, meeting the different requirements of tv enjoyment.

• Elevation range from 5° to 85°
• Tracking speed up to 12°/s per axis
• Highest pointing accuracy due to EPAK®’s patented EBF-Gyro
• Twin availability
• Light-weighted device