The ultimate fishfinder echosounder module
for professional users and CHIRP deepwater
anglers, the BSM-3 uses the latest technology
to deliver unprecedented depth penetration,
resolution and clarity.


  • Dual independent transceivers with dual transducer ports
  • Compression Modulation (CHIRP) for improved performance over all depth ranges
  • Penetrates up to 3000 m (10,000 ft)*
  • 5x resolution of BSM-2
  • Networked over high speed Ethernet
  • Any frequency you need: 25-45, 40-60, 38, 28, 200 kHz

*Transducer dependent


SonarHub is Simrad’s new all-inone
sounder solution combining
StructureScan® HD and CHIRP sonar.
It is ideal for marking fish and tracking
lure action, and can provide easyto-
understand, picture-like views of
structure and bottom detail.
Offering a powerful performance advantage in any situation, the
new module’s Frequency Sweeping Pulse Compression technology
– known as CHIRP sonar — provides high-definition detail to depths
of 3,500 feet; while its StructureScan HD functionality gives boaters
picture-like displays for more productive fishing, diving, and search
and recovery operations.


  • XXCapable of showing 2 important views:
  1. CHIRP
  2. StructureScan HD (Side and DownScan) plus Single Frequency Sonar (50kHz, 83kHz, 200kHz)
  • Identical performance as current StructureScan HD
  • Utilise CHIRP with the AirmarTM 150 transducer for optimal sonar performance
  • Broadband dual frequency: Single frequency sonar (83, 50, 200kHz) and DownScan Imaging also works with HDI Transducers
  • Use any of the existing 50/200kHz and 83/ 200kHz Simrad/Airmar 7 pin blue transducers for excellent single frequency performance