Foam Concentrates | FP-AR 3×3%

FP-AR 3×3% is excellent for extinguishing hydrocarbons fuel fires and Polar Solvent fires. FAIN FP-AR is a hydrolyzed protein based foam concentrate with special fluorochemical and hydrocarbon surfatantans, a special polymer and solvents.
This foam provides highly stable foams with drainage times that do not suffer foams are very plastic and keep flowing and sealing for several minutes. These properties, combined with a high resistace to foam breakdown caused by polar solvents destroying action, make this an outstanding product for extinguishing severe fires involving hydrocarbons or most polar fuels.

FAIN FP-AR foams provide excellent penetrating and vetting qualities when used on Polar Solvent fires with fresh water and sea water.




FP-AR foams a vapor suppressing aqueous film on hydrocarbon type fules or a polymeric membrane on polar solvent / water misible type fuels. It will provide quality protection for a wide range of hazardous areas such as:

• Storage Tanks (Polar Solvent Type Fuels only)
• Truck / Rail loading or unloading facilities.
• Processing / Storage facilities.
• Deck / Marine tankers.

• Flammable liquid containment areas.

• Mobile equipment.