CO2 has been used as the extinguishing agent in fixed installations since the beginning of the twentieth century. In 1928, the first rules for the design of such systems were issued by the National Fire Protection Association in the USA.
These rules formed the basis of IMO rules and SOLAS, which in the revised edition are fundamental for marine systems.



This is a fixed system to extinguish fire by smoothering action with CO2.
As a fire extinguishing agent, CO2 is non-corrosive and cause no chemical reaction on metals, electrical insulations and oil, nor mechanical damage to applied surfaces.
CO2 does not deteriorate with age can be stored for an indefinite time.
Our versatile and unique devices are enable simple and reliable actuation of the system.
The total flooding system is designed to discharge at least 85% of the total quantity of CO2 required for protected space within two minutes so that fire in the space can be extinguished at once.



–       Suitable for extinguishing in closed spaces like engine rooms, auxiliary rooms, cargo holds, etc.

–       Extinguish the fire within a short time and leave no residue after extinguishing.

–      Suitable for extinguishing fires in combustible liquids, gases and electrical equipment, and for extinguishing smoldering fires in wood, paper, textiles, etc

–      Installed as a total flooding central bank system inclusive a number of distributions.

–       Normally installed with pneumatic release, but can also be supplied with mechanical, electrical, and manual release upon your request.