LEVELMASTER® Level gauging systems

The LEVELMASTER® system is very flexible. It can be equipped with small touch screens in the engine room and/or large panel PC’s in the cargo control room. LEVELMASTER® is an advanced concept that is easily integrated to other 3rd party systems or within our own ’Master-concept’ including LOADMASTER® and the cargo and ballast system – ShIPMASTER®.



The LEVELMASTER® is packed with new technology and is the only system on the market with level sensing using an adaptive air pulse. The system, via a ship-specific mimic enables the crew to continuously monitor each tank’s level, volume, temperature and weight whilst providing constant draught, trim and heel analysis. Such features make LEVELMASTER® the perfect, secure and accurate marine gauging system designed to provide:

• High accuracy with automatic calibration
• Adaptive level sensing
• Automatic pipe purge
• Quick update time
• Low air consumption
• Low maintenance cost